Sunday bake day

Yesterday I managed to do some baking in the afternoon. This time I planned whole wheat sourdough loaves and ‘decorate’ them with some mixed seeds. The results were fine but as the loaves were harder to slash I didn’t get the oven spring I hoped for. Having said that the crumb was nice and open and the taste was pretty good too.

Second on the list were baguettes. I have tried baguettes before but never got the results I hoped for: crunchy with light, holey interior. Somehow they always ended up too soft with a dense crumb. The baking stone seems to fix that problem. See for yourself.

The next post will be about the recipe. Hopefully I will be able to take some step by step pictures. I usually find that I am too busy to think about taking pictures or my hands are covered with flour and dough not wanting to mess up my camera.


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