Another busy baking weekend

Last weekend was packed with baking. Lots of different types of bread as well this time: A variation on pain de campagne, a mixed seed sandwich loaf, sourdough wheat and spelt loaf and baguettes.

All these were more or less succesful. The baguettes and sourdough spelt loafs came out very good, though the final shape of the spelt ones could have been a little better. Having said that the structure was great with some irregular holes.

The mixed seed sandwhich loaf had great flavor but it probably could have done with a bit more baking as the crumb was a little too moist. I also found the crumb a little too compact. Maybe it should have proofed a but longer. Not sure. But it’s a recipe I will try again.

As for the pain de campagne, or my version of it. I little more dense than I expected but the flavor was great. It made a perfect sandwhich for lunch.

See the photo’s to get an idea of how my breads turned out.

I think we have enough bread to last for 2 weeks but I am sure I will be baking again next weekend.


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