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My version of panzanella

Despite the name of this blog I have mainly posted about baking bread. The time has come to post about something that I cooked. But it’s a salad. And how much cooking does a salad really take. Not much I guess. But I pan fried a chicken filet to go with it, so I’d like to think that counts as cooking.


For the panzanella I tore up some of my recently baked but now stale whole wheat and rye bread, threw in some coarsely chopped tomato and cucumber, capers and olives and a few blanched green asparagus. Extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, season with salt and pepper and there you have it: my version of panzanella.

Oh, and the chicken filet was simply seasoned with salt, pepper and some dried thyme and fried in some olive oil.


Baguettes galore

Not much to write this time. Same recipe as last time just different bake time and temperatures.

As promised, the recipe will follow soon.

Sunday bake day

Yesterday I managed to do some baking in the afternoon. This time I planned whole wheat sourdough loaves and ‘decorate’ them with some mixed seeds. The results were fine but as the loaves were harder to slash I didn’t get the oven spring I hoped for. Having said that the crumb was nice and open and the taste was pretty good too.

Second on the list were baguettes. I have tried baguettes before but never got the results I hoped for: crunchy with light, holey interior. Somehow they always ended up too soft with a dense crumb. The baking stone seems to fix that problem. See for yourself.

The next post will be about the recipe. Hopefully I will be able to take some step by step pictures. I usually find that I am too busy to think about taking pictures or my hands are covered with flour and dough not wanting to mess up my camera.

First test post

Hi everyone,

Bear with me here. I am setting up shop on WordPress and am trying to pick the right theme for my blog. Speaking of which, it is going to be about what I cook and bake. Not that I am a chef or even a great cook (trying to be modest here), though I am pretty good in and around the kitchen.

My sourdough pain rustique

So here is one of my latest achievements. A sourdough pain rustique. I have been baking for a couple of years successfully most of the time. But I have not been very consistent in my results. Recently I ‘built’ my very own rye sourdough culture and ever since my first bake using the cultere I am a sourdough fan. More on this soon. This was supposed to be a test post, wasn’t it?